Forex Trading with X90’s CFD service

The Foreign Exchange Market (Forex, FX, or Currency Market) is a global, financial market for trading currencies.
The forex market is the world’s most traded market with a daily trading volume of $5 trillion USD.
Enjoy the benefits and start trading major FX pairs like EUR / USD, GBP / USD and USD / JPY.

  • No trading fees! No Commissions!

    Benefit from trading with no fees.

    Fixed spreads between buy and sell prices: 2 pips EUR / USD.

  • Advanced trading tools

    Free trading platform - Use advanced charts to study the world markets. Variety of professional tools and features, like stop-loss and take-profit to trade dozens of currency pairs.

  • Trade Forex with Leverage

    Maximize your return on investments with up to 500 leverage. Begin trading with as little as $100 and receive the effect of 50000.

  • Start Trading Now!

    Start trading immediately - It takes less than 2 minutes to open an X90 account. Use Credit Card, Skrill or Bank Transfer to fund your account.